Padiham On Parade is a fun 1940's themed weekend for everyone to enjoy - the young, the not so young and the old.

A small town in the Borough of Burnley, the historic town of Padiham has been largely untouched by post-war modernisation projects and lends itself superbly for such an annual event. The weekend attracts more and more visitors to Padiham each year and 2019 was no exception, especially since the top man ensured that the sun shone all weekend. Estimates indicate that up to 13,000 additional people visited the town over the two days, an increase of around 3,000 on the previous year, and we would like to thank everybody who came and hope that you all had a great time. We would also like to thank our many sponsors who provide us with huge support and without their contribution it would be very difficult to hold the event on such a scale.

Each year we choose a recognised Armed Forces charity to make a donation from the event and unfortunately our 2021 charity had to be postponed due to Covid.

In 2018, our Parade Weekend raised £2,000 for the RAF Benevolent Fund which was presented at Burnley Town Hall. In 2019 we managed to raise £2,000 for the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust

Ballroom Blitz
It wasn't me Sir ...
Good time girls ...
Some of the cars on display ...
Happy Feet
So, you think that the Burnley and Padiham area was safe from the Luftwaffe's attentions?
Burnley Bombing Plan #1
Burnley Bombing Plan #2