Mission Statement

The purpose of ‘Padiham on Parade’ is to organise a co-ordinated set of successful inter-related events in a ‘Forties style weekend’ over the 27th and 28th June 2020. This will be the fifth event of this kind in Padiham and the intention is for it to grow, year on year.

The events will be the Borough’s way of marking Armed Forces Week 2020, and ‘Padiham on Parade’ therefore has the support of Burnley Council and Padiham Town Council.

The events will encourage members of the public to actively engage in a celebration of the UK’s Armed Forces and will raise awareness and enhance the reputation of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

The events will be fun, safe and educational.

The events will enable the participation and co-operative endeavour of representatives of the armed forces; cadets; veteran’s organisations; public sector agencies which are members of the Burnley Armed Forces Community Covenant; local businesses; schools; voluntary and community organisations; faith organisations; and the general public.

The events – and the publicity around them, before and after – will promote Padiham as a place and complement the work being done to promote the town as a great location for business, living, retail and leisure.